Our $85 Energy Efficiency Boost will ensure your HVAC unit is running at peak performance while maintaining optimal energy efficiency. This will keep you cool during the sweltering summer heat.

Each Energy Efficiency Boost includes a visual inspection of your system for any obvious freon leaks. We mechanically check the freon and can add either R22 or R410a depending on its specifications (additional price applies to add freon). We check the blower to make sure its working right. We check your electrical systems and connections. We also clean the system, evaluating the drain pipe and drain pan, and test the accuracy of the thermometer and the efficiency of your filter.

Failure of tuning up your HVAC system twice per year can result in loss of performance, higher electricity bills, premature failure and break downs and certain safety risks. Schedule your Energy Efficiency Boost today

Do you have molded, dirty, rusted or stained supply grills?

We can replace your grills for as little as $10 each. (5 grill minimum)

Free Duct Work Inspection and Replacement Estimate.